If you are involved in a custody case…

At Lopez Law Group we strive to provide our clients with up to date legal information and advice.  Many of our clients ask what the courts look for in making child custody orders.  Many parents are understandably concerned, “when and how often will I see my children?”  Here are some general tips:

– Put your children first.  The Court’s job is to determine what custodial arrangement is in the best interest of the child.  The Court is likely to see you as a good parent if you can explain why the schedule (parenting plan) you propose is in your child’s best interest.

Be the parent best able to share.    The Courts want to see parents working together.  Show the Court that you will promote the relationship between your children and the other parent.  Of course you should explain your concerns to the Court about the other parent, but do not disparage the other parent and do not devalue their parenting.  Always make sure that the other parent has all information about your child’s health, education, extra-curricular activities and the like.

– Consider your communications with the other parent.  Be judicious when writing emails or text messages to the other parent.  Always be courteous and polite.  Assume that everything that you write to the other parent will be read by the Judge.  The Court would like to see that you are able to remain civil with the other parent and to work together for your children’s benefit.

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