Child Support

We can help you obtain or modify child support orders. California uses a statewide “guideline” (a formula) for determining child support, based on the incomes of both parents, timeshare with the children and other factors. However, it is not always easy to determine a parent’s income. At Lopez Law Group, we have experience determining a parent’s income on which support should be based. We have analyzed self-employed parents’ and business owners’ incomes to determine the correct amount of child support. We work with forensic accountants and other experts to ensure that you will pay or receive the proper support amounts.

There are generally two types of child support.

Base Child Support:  Base child support is the guideline child support amount which is earmarked to contribute toward the basic needs of the child such as a contribution toward food, clothing and shelter.  The guideline child support amount will be presumed to be the correct amount of child support although in certain circumstances, the guideline child support amount may be rebutted such that base child support is more or less than the guideline amount.

Add On Child Support:  In addition to base child support, other expenses are considered to be “add on” expenses and are to be paid in addition to the base child support.  These expenses include child care and uninsured, medical and dental expenses.  Although not mandatory, these expenses can also include educational expenses and extracurricular expenses.  Add on child support expenses are generally to be paid 50% by each parent, however, the court may also consider ordering these expenses to be paid in proportion to the percentage of income received by each respective parent.

We will review your situation with you and will take into account all circumstances to ensure the proper amount of child support.