Division of Assets and Debts

Division of assets in debts is often the most important issue divorcing couples face.  In California, generally any property acquired during the marriage or utilizing any marital funds is presumed to be community property. Many people assume that all property acquired during the marriage is divided 50/50, but the truth is that property division can be more complicated than that.

Simply because property was acquired during the marriage does not necessarily mean that it will be divided equally between spouses. Especially when assets are complex, the best way to protect your interests is to work with attorneys experienced in high asset and complex property division.  Our clients often seek our help with dividing assets such as family residence, small businesses and retirement accounts.

We specialize in cases involving non-disclosure or breaches of fiduciary duties.  California Law provides for a full disclosure of all assets, whether separate or community.  We will assist you with meeting and enforcing these obligations and will ensure that you are fully informed when entering into settlement dividing your assets.

At Lopez Law Group, we utilize a network of specialists and professionals to assist in exploring the division of complex property issues including real estate appraisers, forensic accountants and experts in business valuation to assist us in determining the value and proper allocation of assets and division of debt.

We can assist clients with issues such as retaining or selling the family home and allocating bank accounts, retirement accounts and vehicles. For our high-asset clients, we specialize in complex property divisions that often include rental properties, business interests and other substantial and complex investments.