Paternity (Parentage) is an action in which unmarried parents establish their legal rights as the parents of a child and obtain Orders related to child custody, child support  and attorneys fees. The most common case typically involves parents who were not married at the time of the child’s birth or at the time that the child was conceived. California has a complicated legal scheme to determine who are the legal parents of a child, with a variety of often competing parenting presumptions. For example, a biological parent will not always be determined by the Court to be the legal parent of a child. Acting timely is often crucial as there are various legal deadlines (statutes of limitation) within which a Parentage suit must be brought. Lopez Law Group has the knowledge and the skills to ensure that you are well represented in a paternity action.

Currently, the court cannot make orders to divide property in a paternity action, although legislative movements are underway to change that.