Spousal Support

Spousal support, or alimony, is the amount of money the court may order one spouse to pay to the other spouse. The amount of spousal support and the length of spousal support often become causes of disagreement in a divorce. The courts consider many factors when ordering spousal support. We help our clients determine and negotiate the proper amount of spousal support, taking into account your unique financial situation. If settlement is not possible, we will advocate your position in Court.

Like child support, there are two different types of spousal support.

Pendente Lite (Temporary) Spousal Support:  Temporary spousal support is meant to maintain the status quo following a couple’s separation.  Generally, spousal support is computed by utilizing the same computer program and same factors as child support, except that child support is computed first.  However, unlike child support, the court is not required to follow the number which the computer program indicates.  When deciding to award or not award temporary spousal support, the court has great discretion as to whether to award support and the amount of support.

Permanent Spousal Support:  Permanent spousal support is determined by weighing a number of factors including the needs of the recipient spouse, the ability of the paying spouse, the length of the marriage, the marketable skills of the recipient spouse, the needs of any dependent children, the duration of the marriage and whether there has been any domestic violence.  When deciding permanent spousal support, the court has significant discretion whether to award spousal support, the amount of spousal support awarded and the time period for which spousal support is ordered payable.

At Lopez Law Group we will analyze your financial situation and will negotiate and advocate the most advantageous spousal support arrangement for your particular circumstances.